Goalie Programs

Professional goalie training from beginners to pro’s

Goalie Coaching By:

We offer Private and Semi – Private Goalie training here at THE HOCKEY CLUB.

We also offer team goalie partner training sessions where the team will send us their goalies at a time that works with their goalies schedule and they will train with us here at THE HOCKEY CLUB.

The program is designed to install proper fundamentals, and work on skills that will take their game to the next level with on and off ice training, mentoring from Pro, OHL, College goaltenders and much more. Fun and passion for the position is also part of our main focus.

  • Goalie Specific Dry-Land Training
  • Motivational Speakers (Former Pro Players, etc…)
  • Team Building Exercises Off Ice
  • Mental Strength Training

Cancellation Policy *

Notify The Hockey Club at least one week prior to the cancellation and a make up session can be arranged during non prime time. This policy can be done for 2 sessions only. After the second cancellation there will be no refunds or make up sessions for the rest of our hockey season, after September 1st your cancellation policy will renew.

Call us for info 1-905-503-8447

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