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Our hockey programs are for players and goalies of all ages from Novice to Pro, where we provide expert instruction in core Puck Handling skills, Small area skills, agility, and reaction skills that are needed to have optimal success.

The majority of young goaltenders don’t get nearly enough goaltending specific skating during their team practices. Practicing the movements properly and sometimes without pucks help the goaltenders train through repetition and develop muscle memory in order to improve upon their current abilities and create strength, confidence and consistency in their play.

Goalie Programs

Designed to install proper fundamentals, and work on skills that will take their game to the next level with on and off ice training, video analysis, mentoring from Pro, OHL, College goaltenders, and much more!

Skater Programs

Skills and thrills! Lets crank the tunes, dangle through obstacle courses, shoot 100’s of pucks back-hand, for-hand, outside and inside the body, and HOW TO FINISH training here at THE HOCKEY CLUB.

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